Tahnee Sharp, The Social Room Perth

Tahnee Sharp


Tahnee Sharp lives and breathes marketing. As founder and leader of The Marketing Room, she is dedicated to bringing businesses the results they deserve through cost-effective, results-driven, and strategically focused means.

The Marketing Room’s innovative model — providing businesses with their own dedicated, in-house marketing manager without the overhead costs — has received national acclaim, and now has a dedicated footprint across Australia. With social media marketing quickly becoming one of the most meaningful and effective advertising tools in the world, Tahnee saw an opportunity to diversify The Marketing Room’s efforts and branch out into a dedicated digital venture: welcome to The Social Room.

With a successful marketing career spanning more than 15 years, Tahnee is the first to tell you a business can’t effectively promote itself without a tailored plan that’s aligned to its sales and growth strategy. With a keen eye for detail and a laser focus on business outcomes, Tahnee will work closely with your company to provide it with a marketing-driven, commercial advantage that is unique.

She also knows marketing is more than simply a pretty picture and a flashy website — it has the power to drive sales, create new opportunities, build trust with stakeholders, and stand out from the competition. Some might say it’s nice to have, but Tahnee advocates for the total opposite — marketing is a core business function that’s critical to success!