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Your own dedicated in-house
social media manager

Gone are the days of annoying, back-and-forth emails with an external account manager who also manages 20 other clients.

For 24 hours a month, your business is your social media manager’s baby. They will foster its growth, provide excellent care, and when required, tap into the skills of a dedicated team of specialists who stand behind them.


A strategic social media marketing plan is crucial to success. Not only will it ensure your brand is represented consistently across all channels, but will allow your business to achieve important goals and objectives. In this critical planning stage, your social media manager will learn your business from the inside out.

 This includes:
  • Social media audit
  • Social media competitor analysis
  • Branding + voice review
  • Deep dive business interview
  • Brand playbook for social media customer service
  • Complete social strategy with SWOT analysis, content pillars, voice, hashtag strategy, posting schedules, content batch ideas and more.


Once we have a clear strategy in place, we get to the fun part: implementing our recommendations. From graphic design to community engagement, your social media manager will take a holistic approach in managing your social accounts, and ensure all of your technical bases are covered.

Your Social Media Manager will:
  • Work 24 hours/month from within your business (or remotely)
  • Develop new content and design ideas
  • Capture photos and videos
  • Implement a posting schedule
  • Respond to customer social media inquiries


It’s all well and good to post to social media, but what use is it if you’re not reaping the rewards? At the end of every month, your social media manager will analyse your results to determine what’s working and what can be improved. From there, they’ll make recommendations and tweak your social strategy to encourage better engagement, leads and performance.

Your monthly reports will include:
  • Meeting with Pod Leader to discuss strategy
  • Engagement analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Social listening analytics
  • Recommendations & strategic advice